I, the undersigned, hereby confirm that I have the requisite skill and experience to safely operate the equipment which I am using from you or to participate in the water sports activities offered by you.

The subject of this agreement and all persons who shall be using the equipment or participating in such activities are able to swim and have no medical condition or disability or other condition which would render it unsafe for me or them to participate in the activity or use the equipment.

I understand that water sport activities are inherently dangerous and I acknowledge that I shall comply with all proper instructions received from you pertaining to the use of the equipment or while participating in the activity and shall at all times operate the equipment and behave in a safe and careful manner.

By signing this form, I hereby release Long Island holdings WaterPlay (the owner, manager and operator of the water sports facility at H20 management Ltd, OCEAN CLUB MANAGEMENT, H20 LIFE STYLE RESORT and LB Ventures Ltd their employees, contractors and agents) from any and all LIABILITY, costs, damages or expenses arising from my participation in the water sport activity offered or user of the equipment rented from you.

I confirm I have had ample opportunity to review the booking from prior to signing and fully understand its contents.

I agree: Consented: I agree to terms & conditions.

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